Philips Charging Cord


  • Philips Replacement Charging Cord with Austrlian pin 110/240V- output 12 /15Volts for Models:
  • Quadra Action 6000 ,7000 ,8000, 9000 Smart Touch, Cool Skin and Arcitec Series Shavers.
  • Arcitec Models: R1095cc, R1075cc, R1060, R1050,
  • HQ6885, HQ6889, HQ6865, HQ6867, HQ6827, HQ6825, HQ6465, HQ7815, HQ7825, HQ7865
  • HQ7740, HQ7742, HQ7760, HQ7762, HQ7780, HQ7782
  • HQ6715, HQ6720, HQ6725, HQ673, HQ6735, HQ6736, HQ6740, HQ6755, HQ6756, HQ6757, HQ6760, HQ6761, HQ6762, HQ6763, HQ6764
  • HQ7100, HQ7120, HQ7180, HQ7290, HQ7240, HQ7320, HQ8170, HQ8160, HQ8140, HQ8445, HQ8880, HQ8830, HQ8890, HQ8850, HQ8894, HQ8870, HQ8875, HQ8825, HQ8845, HQ8865, HQ8885
  • HQ8140, HQ8140, HQ8170cc, HQ9070, HQ9090, HQ9170, HQ9190cc.
  • Plus all Model AP…, PT…